Below is information about all of the project I’m currently working on.

*I produced a feature film called “Golden Boy” which is currently in post-production.

*My book on finances has been published and is available to be purchased here on Amazon.com. The book is called “Finances for Teens… And Those Who Spend Like One.”

* I helped produce the second season of popular web series “It Could Be Worse.” Created by Wesley Taylor and Mitchell Jarvis.

*I produced the indie feature “Daddy” starring Gerald McCullouch (in his directorial debut), Dan Via (writer), and Jaime Cepero based on the award winning play of the same name. You can watch “Daddy” on DVD and VOD, through iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play and through all major cable providers. The official soundtrack is now available for you to enjoy on all major streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google PlayTidal, etc.  It is also available on AmazonBandcamp and iTunes!

* “Grind” starring Anthony Rapp (Rent) and Claire Coffee (NBC’s Grimm) is a musical short film which explores all the ways we connect in the world today. And it begs the question, do we REALLY know who we’re talking to? Trailer is HERE.  This property is currently being developed into a feature film.

* “Narcissist” delves into the fallout a relationship can suffer when one is a complete narcissist.  

* I cast two indie feature films “The Dark Place” starring Blaise Embry, Eddy Rioseco, Sean Paul Lockhart and Timo Descamps and “Triple Crossed” starring Jack Brockett and Sean Paul Lockhart in Lockhart’s directorial debut. The Dark Place is on track for a 2014 release and Triple Crossed can be purchased now.